Sunday, 22 January 2012

Meet one very happy, enthusiastic and motivated 17yr old. For those wondering, her names Nastaha. For my first post i just want to say hey basically and let you know a little about me. Well, thats me above. Just plain old me, doing something i love....taking photos ;D

Anyways, getting to know me right? well one things for sure i talk alot and everything seams to be a story im working on it though. Theirs nothing remotly special about me, other than everyone having their own specialness. But yeah just a normal girl, i have ambitions mainly to be succesful and stay true to who i am and who i'am meant to be. I hope one day to make it in the business world and make a mark by having my own succesfuly unqiue brand of specialised clothing. My life feel's like its just beggining, im about to go 18 (well in 7 months) i have so much more to learn about myself, the world and others, i have so much to acomplish and do. My Journey is only just really starting, feel free to follow me along and share my experiences as i hope to do with you. You may not know much about me, but i hope to see you join in my journey and you getting to know me.

As far as, what im going to blog about. Its going to be a mix of a varied amount of stuff. My life, Studys, Uni Life (soon) Fashion, Beauty, Hair. Everything.

Thanks for reading this much :)

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