Monday, 23 January 2012

CBB UK - Twins/Nicole/Denise Argument?

Big questions is #teamwho? no but seriously,

Whoose watching this? i usually loose interest half way through, but i have actually watched it every night. Its quite interesting. I loved tonigts episode mainly becuase it all kicked off. I just want to know your thoughts on whats happened.

Everyone i know hates the twins, but i quite like them apart from their confidence/arrogance. And the fact they think if somebody dosent like them its becuase their jelouse of them which is not the case. But they just go with it. I also respect that as 'playboy girls' their not sluty in the house like *cough* Denise * cough* some housemates have been. I think it was totally out of order for Denise to pull her pants down. Pretty funny argument it kicked off though.

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