Wednesday, 25 January 2012

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Freedom! and Rocka!

well, well hmm not much to say realy. LOL ARE YOU KIDING ME.
i just offically got my life back, for a little while anyways. No more exams until summer wheyy very happy days and whats even better is i can finalyl get excited for Rock Challenge and spend my evenings watching rock challenge videos online. Which is so amazing.

for those of you who dont know what rock challenge is basically a cotest between schools/colleges all over the country. You have to create a 8 minuite peice of dance/drama. Its really exciting. Its only my second year, but also my last becuase ill be too old next year and its my last year as school ): but thats why im going to enjoy every single second of this!

Last time, my school won first place in our town, which sent us to the open northen finals, and we won 3rd place. Not bad. I really hope we do as well this year its simply amazing to be a part of. We dont perform until the end of April so its rehersals, their pretty funny. We have rehersals in the school holidays, should be fun ;D I AM SOOOOO GIDDDDY WEEEEEEEEE.

Anyways im gonna go becuase i have loads to do, were getting out new sofas tommorow and need to sort my crap out under them ;\

Tuesday, 24 January 2012


Like seriously i have my contract law exam tommorow morning (A level) and im sat here on this, twitter and facebook. Which has just reminded me of a case i ned to know its Harvey V Facey (facey/facebook you see why i remeber? haha) but its useless because i carnt remeber the case facts anyways. I am however after i have written this, going to revise. Yeahhhhh! revise....... sombody kill me now? My takeaway is order though and so have a mssive much out on everything i should'nt is giving me slight motivation.

I hope someone, somehwere out their is reading this. haha #ifail

Monday, 23 January 2012

CBB UK - Twins/Nicole/Denise Argument?

Big questions is #teamwho? no but seriously,

Whoose watching this? i usually loose interest half way through, but i have actually watched it every night. Its quite interesting. I loved tonigts episode mainly becuase it all kicked off. I just want to know your thoughts on whats happened.

Everyone i know hates the twins, but i quite like them apart from their confidence/arrogance. And the fact they think if somebody dosent like them its becuase their jelouse of them which is not the case. But they just go with it. I also respect that as 'playboy girls' their not sluty in the house like *cough* Denise * cough* some housemates have been. I think it was totally out of order for Denise to pull her pants down. Pretty funny argument it kicked off though.

It is really only january the 23rd?

Usually at this time of the start of the year its like, woah going to fast already. But this year it feels different seams to be going slight slower. Well to say i only have 3 weeks left at sixth form before be break up for half term make its sound fast but yeah only the 23rd.

But the 23rd means theirs only 2 days until my Law exam :| and which is why i should porbably get going now..... hmm before i go however

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Sunday, 22 January 2012

Meet one very happy, enthusiastic and motivated 17yr old. For those wondering, her names Nastaha. For my first post i just want to say hey basically and let you know a little about me. Well, thats me above. Just plain old me, doing something i love....taking photos ;D

Anyways, getting to know me right? well one things for sure i talk alot and everything seams to be a story im working on it though. Theirs nothing remotly special about me, other than everyone having their own specialness. But yeah just a normal girl, i have ambitions mainly to be succesful and stay true to who i am and who i'am meant to be. I hope one day to make it in the business world and make a mark by having my own succesfuly unqiue brand of specialised clothing. My life feel's like its just beggining, im about to go 18 (well in 7 months) i have so much more to learn about myself, the world and others, i have so much to acomplish and do. My Journey is only just really starting, feel free to follow me along and share my experiences as i hope to do with you. You may not know much about me, but i hope to see you join in my journey and you getting to know me.

As far as, what im going to blog about. Its going to be a mix of a varied amount of stuff. My life, Studys, Uni Life (soon) Fashion, Beauty, Hair. Everything.

Thanks for reading this much :)